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Patient Testimonials:

“My daughter used to be a 12-year-old that was consumed with anxiety and depression and could not function in school. Today she is vibrant, trendy, sociable and has graduated and is working. I owe this success to Ms. Deborah. We appreciate her with all our hearts!” — Ms. M.G.

“Deborah has truly helped me through some of the toughest times in my adult life. I truly don’t know what I would’ve done without her this past year. She has made a magical impact on my life. She is ‘DEBORAH MAGIC’ to me!” — Ms. J.F.

“Deborah has helped take me from a bedridden, scared, newly diagnosed bipolar patient, to a thriving (still bipolar) woman living my best life. As a family we are stronger than ever. She has been a literal life saver for us! I would recommend Deborah to anyone.” — Ms. A.C.

“Deborah extends her compassion, not only to her patients, but to their families also. Her approach in therapy has helped us overcome difficult situations. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for Deborah today.” — Ms. R.M.

“If bipolar disorder and high anxiety were raging storms at sea, Deborah Lane, LCSW would be the ‘light house’ showing the way to a safe harbor. Knowledgeable and experienced, she creates a warm, safe environment that makes it easy to be open and honest. I cannot say enough good things about her.” — Ms. K.M.

“Deborah is absolutely worth her weight in gold, for sure! I have relied on her insight to carry me these last two years.” — Ms. L.M.


”Life brings together people for a reason and I believe you were meant to help me. You embody one of the richest souls I have ever come across and your empathy towards people is remarkable. I believe you have a heart of gold, and I feel honored to have met you. Not only are you kind and dear, but you are honest and true to your work. Deborah, your spirit is so vibrant, and you enhance people’s lives. Take care!”
— Claire

Physician Testimonials:

“I really appreciate what you’re doing for our patients. You’re incredibly effective and clearly love what you do. All my patients who have seen you rave about your compassion and bedside manner. I’ve really enjoyed working with you, too! ANY patient I have that is appropriate is absolutely coming your way! Thank you for all your help!” — Dr. William A. Atlas (Internal Medicine / Concierge Practice – San Antonio, TX)

“…As a result of her genuine warmth and good nature, Deborah is able to establish rapport quickly with patients and stabilize children and families in crisis. She is an excellent, highly skilled Child and Adolescent Therapist.” – Dr. Frank Childress Lane (Medical Director-Baptist Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychiatry — Beaumont, TX)

“During my 30+ years as a Psychiatrist, I think that Deborah is one of the most skilled and caring therapists that I have worked with. She is committed to finding solutions to improve the lives of her patients and is ingenious when it comes to working with Bipolar patients in therapy. She and I have worked together successfully treating the most challenging Bipolar patients who have often been misdiagnosed or received decades of unsuccessful treatment.” — Dr. Lou Fabre (Psychiatrist in Private Practice and past pharmacology researcher – San Antonio, TX)

“I appreciate the collaborative care you provide!” — Dr. Steven Fischer (Pediatrician – San Antonio, TX)

Educational Administrator Testimonial:

Trudy Taylor, retired Principal from Falls Church, Virginia speaks about Deborah Lane’s work with Autism spectrum students at an Elementary school in the city of Falls Church:

“She designed an innovative idea in the development of social skills for our students in the Autistic spectrum. Deborah formed a small group of typical peers to encourage social skills through proper language exchanges and give and take of play…She helped all of us learn the benefits of this successful strategic approach…She worked her magic with all of them and we all marveled at the results…Her Social Skills groups became a great source of pride for our school.”