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Insurance & Payment

To help safeguard your confidentiality, privacy, and to ensure the highest level of therapeutic/collaborative support, we do not accept insurance. Patients pay the full amount at each session.

Many insurance companies set a limit on the number of allowable sessions and require a mental health diagnosis that often stays on your permanent record. These diagnoses may be reported by your insurance company during, for example, applications for security clearances, life insurance policy suitability, and/or eligibility checks. Our clients choose not to involve their insurance provider in their treatment. Their care is a collaborative effort involving my professional expertise and their personal preferences and goals.

I believe that your mental health, or that of your loved one, is worth the investment. In return, you get an expert specialist who will focus on providing you the best care possible for you to accomplish the goals and change you desire. These benefits stay with you.

If you request it, we can provide you with a detailed receipt which you can use to submit to your insurance plan for out-of-network benefits.