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Group Therapy

In addition to individual psychotherapy, play therapy, family and couples therapy, the following group therapy sessions are also offered:

  • Children’s social skills groups
  • Teen and young adult groups
  • Parenting groups
  • Bipolar and other mood related disorders groups

Children’s Social Skills Group

The group dynamics in our Social Skills groups create an environment where a child can interact with other children and exhibit their social behavior in a therapeutic setting, Through the benefit of the therapeutic group setting, the therapists model and encourage the child to develop social skills necessary to build and develop healthy peer relationships.

We succeed in changing a child’s life from isolations to connections; a feeling of belonging, fulfillment and happiness.

Adolescent Therapy Group

Group therapy for adolescents is an ideal choice for teens as connections with others and social interaction is a key aspect of their developmental process. The group dynamics create a setting where strong bonds are created within the group members. It is within this safe therapeutic environment that the adolescent can work through challenging personal and interpersonal relationships with the guidance and support of the group therapist.

Adult Therapy Groups

A group of individual clients who develop connections, provide support and true empathy for each other in a therapeutic group setting. Facing similar issues, therapy group members gain different perspectives, ideas and viewpoints. Within the framework of the group dynamics, patients are able to gain support, increase self-awareness, and learn new coping skills.

This powerful vehicle for growth and change enables the group member to shift feelings of despair and isolation to solution, growth and fulfillment.