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Academic Consulting

School Special Education Consultant

Over her 25+ years as a behavioral consultant, Deborah Lane has been honored to work directly on behalf of several schools’ Special Education Departments. She provides consultations for teachers and their support staff to implement behavior modification programs in the classroom. She presents workshops and educational in-service training for teachers on the topic of ADHD Behavioral Strategies in the classroom setting.

College Consultant

Deborah recognizes the challenges that our young people face today in attending college. Often the academic challenges of college initiate first-time symptoms of undiagnosed ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders.  These undiagnosed and improperly treated emotional disorders can hinder and sabotage the young adults’ college success. Deborah’s sharp assessment skills and treatment often break her patients’ cycle of repeated failure in college, resulting in her patients returning and experiencing successful college outcomes.

Behavior Consultant

Deborah has 25+ years of experience coordinating services for her patients as a behavioral consultant in their academic settings. She regularly attends patients’ ARD meetings and consults with special education professionals to successfully design therapeutic interventions in the classroom.